HM Nail Salon
HM Nail Salon

Our Philosophy: Health Starts in the Mind

Healthy hands, feet and skin give you a vibrant, healthy attitude towards life. That's the principle behind all of our nail & beauty services.


Because a healthy attitude is good for your body, we strive to provide you with the most comfortable environment possible, pampering you in all the luxuries you have come to expect from your favorite beauty salon.


At the same time, hygiene is a top priority at HM Nail Salon. Our staff has undergone rigorous training in all aspects of hygiene, and we discard any tools we cannot sterilize after each use.


Our professional team of nail care technicians, massagists and beauty specialists use the latest techniques to provide you with cutting-edge nail and skin care, spa services and more.


We're happy when you're comfortable!

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Phone: +1 305 6045548

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Salon Hours

Monday       10:30am-8:00 pm

Tuesday      10:30am-8:00 pm

Wenesday   10:30am-8:00 pm

Thrusday     10:30am-8:00 pm

Friday          10:30am-8:00 pm

Saturday      10:30am-6:00 pm 

Sunday         11:00am-5:00 pm

Our Services


We offer everything from sculpted nails and pedicures, waxing, and more. Find out more about our services and prices.

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